On mirrored headboards

There are many angles that are unflattering to a person, and sex is one of them

– Oona



New Zealand: It’s like Canada for Australia.


“Why is it that I’m totally fine with abortion, yet I can’t thin the plants?”
– Oona

On human achievement

I love what people do.  Except most people.


May I recommend some Danielle Steele?

“I don’t read the upsetting parts of this book, but that’s a lot when it’s a Stephen King book.” -Oona


Chicken (Gallus) January “The hysterical” Glenn Beck
Bill Maher
Miss J. Alexander
Hedgehog (Erinaceus) February “The stalwart” Kevin Spacey
Ed Koch
Okapi (Okapia) March “The gamboler” Tyra Banks
Jamie Lee Curtis
Millipede (Millipedus) April “The bottom feeder” Paris Hilton
Sean Hannity
Lobster (Homaridae) May “The faithful” Frances McDormand
William H. Macy
Jeff Bridges
Tom Waits
Toad (Bufonites) June “The gelatinous” Joe Lieberman
Meerkat (Suricata) July “The well intentioned” Michael Cera
John Waters
Newt (Evetus) August “The permeable” Keira Knightley
Steve Buscemi
Manatee (Manatus) September “The floater” Seth Rogen
Marty Markowitz
Grouper (Garopes) October “The grouper” Jerry Orbach
Steven Tyler
Armadillo (Xenarthra) November “The quiet warrior” Danny DeVito
Harvey Keitel
Tapir (Tapirus) December “The inoffensive” David Byrne
Joe Biden

Mmmm, index finger on rye…

I like a sandwich, but this may be taking it a bit far.

bread gloves

Tap, tap, who’s there?

It’s a testimonial to our essential dorkiness that we just looked up “tap that ass” in the urban dictionary. Oona and Alexis were of the opinion that the “tapping” referred to a pleasant sort of patting or spanking, whereas Matt and Alek are apparently tuned in to the more disturbingly true etymology, namely:

“Comes from the party term, ‘to tap a keg’.. where one inserts a tap into a keg and drinks what comes out. But the user is instead tapping an ass..”


O0na’s law of originality

People should be individuals by making excellent desserts, not by having silly names.

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not so smart

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